"Second Showing Saturday" For Madea Goes to Jail!

"Second Showing Saturday"
For Madea Goes to Jail!
Since the movie comes out friday the 20th and many of us don't like the hustle and bustle of premier night. will be hosting a "Second Showing Saturday". This and RSVP exclusive event, we will have discounted tickets, and only a limited amount tickets will be reserved. RSVP's are 1st come 1st serve and once we have reached the our limit no more tickets will be sold.

Email mailto:info@bfreepaparazzi.comto RVSP & to recieve showing details for this event.

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Keep Your Bidness Out of the Office!!!

Good Morning STL,

One of my co-workers runs her mouth constantly about her personal life, other people, and pretty much any and everything that crosses her mind. Not matter how much she gets confronted, disciplined, or "cussed out" she always seems to find ways to cross that line. Whilst listen to one of her tyraids i went online to see if there was some rules and regulations on this

topic.... Here's what i found...

13 things to never share or discuss with your co-workers.
1. Salary informationWhat you earn is between you and Human Resources, Solovic says. Disclosure indicates you aren’t capable of keeping a confidence.
2. Medical history“Nobody really cares about your aches and pains, your latest operation, your infertility woes or the contents of your medicine cabinet,” Lopeke says. To your employer, your constant medical issues make you seem like an expensive, high-risk employee.
3. GossipWhomever you’re gossiping with will undoubtedly tell others what you said, Solovic says. Plus, if a co-worker is gossiping with you, most likely he or she will gossip about you.
4. Work complaintsConstant complaints about your workload, stress levels or the company will quickly make you the kind of person who never gets invited to lunch, Solovic warns. If you don’t agree with company policies and procedures, address it through official channels or move on.
5. Cost of purchasesThe spirit of keeping up with the Joneses is alive and well in the workplace, Lopeke says, but you don’t want others speculating on the lifestyle you’re living –or if you’re living beyond your salary bracket.
6. Intimate detailsDon’t share intimate details about your personal life. Co-workers can and will use the information against you, Solovic says.
7. Politics or religion“People have strong, passionate views on both topics,” Solovic says. You may alienate a co-worker or be viewed negatively in a way that could impact your career.
8. Lifestyle changesBreakups, divorces and baby-making plans should be shared only if there is a need to know, Lopeke says. Otherwise, others will speak for your capabilities, desires and limitations on availability, whether there is any truth to their assumptions or not.
For the entire article please visit MSN's career builder site <-------- click there.

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