Looks like I received a late Christmas gift. If you're in need of business cards or business card sized flyers I've just been issued a promo code and a great deal. My partners at will print up 1000 glossy business cards with whatever designs you want one on both sides, on 15pt card stock and free shipping for only $45

The offer full service printing on flyers, brochures, CD covers and etc; Go to and use my promo code @ checkout, (promo code: "TB001") to get free shipping. They also offer price matching. MAKE SURE YOU USE MY PROMO CODE SO THEY KNOW THAT B. FREE IS GETTING THE WORD OUT!!

Spread the word,

we are only as powerful as our network so lets build St. Louis together.

Teddy B. Free

(side note: Not that it really matters; I'm not getting a comission or kick back on this. $45 is pretty inexpensive for dual sided gloss coated cards on a high cardstock. I'm spreading the word, building and strengthing my business network. Its a part of my 2010 movement, if this is useful to just one of you, then my job is done)
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