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I had the distinctive honor of meeting Teddy Blackett of B. Free Paparazzi last summer. Teddy was immediately an influential young man. Standing some odd inches over 6 feet tall with a sexy bald head and a warm personality, I was amazed.

Teddy started B. Free Paparazzi originally as a movie group that would venture to local theaters as a group and even take a group photo once the movie let out. Now, his brand has grown significantly over the last year. You can find Teddy just about at any event snapping candid in color and in black and white with his Nikon DSLR. The photos are ready and posted on his website in less than 24 hours. Hell, it's the same night 9 times out of 10!

The first event I attended that Teddy coordinated was Simple Pleasures. This event was a break-the-ice/wine tasting event at the new upscale venue called The Inspot Dessert Bar and Lounge. A Stone Hill Winery Representative came out with delicious samples while music flowed and cups overflowed. It was one heck of a night. Most definitely a night to remember for sure!

Lately, Teddy has so busy with snapping events and building his brand. He has also been nominated to ALIVE Magazine's Sexy and Successful search for the most desirable movers and shakers in the St. Louis area. The Sexy and Successful candidate is young and professional with the total package of being sexy, savvy, and successful. And clearly Teddy is just that! So if you are reading this article, please take the time out to vote for Teddy at I have voted for him since I got wind of this and I am encouraging you to do the same!

I had the honor of requesting an eInterview May 30, 2009 to virtually catch up with Teddy and to see how things are going! Here's how the eInterview went!:


How did you come up with the name,logo and concept for B Free Paparazzi?

My name is Teddy Blackett, so I've always been Teddy B, always been a free spirit and after a difficult relationship I realized the importance of keeping that spirit alive. As far as the paparazzi I've always had a nack for taking candid photos that told a story. My friends started calling me the paparazzi cuz I'd always be the guy taking pictures when no one expected it.

How long have you been doing event photography?

My first class was in 1993. Then in college in 2001, bought my 1st DSLR (digital single lens reflex)in August of 2008.

Everyone that knows you knows that you also host opening movie nights at local movie theaters. How do you find the time for it all?

My friends!!!! Without there support I wouldn't be able to do any of it. Technology also helps, emails, credit cards, telephone transactions, and and the Internet make time management more manageable, LOL!


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So Why am I Single in St. Louis?

I've been asked this question countless of times and every time I never give the full answer... Hell I find a way to give a polite and politically correct answer, but you know what? I don't feel like sugarcoating it anymore....

I'm single because I'm not APPRECIATED... especially the way I FEEL I should be.... I know it sounds a little "whoa is me" and bandwagon-ish but I can only speak my truth....Just like men do things to show their love females do the same thing. I'm a realist and I understand how a man's mind works... A man needs to be that provider, protector, AND PURSUER!!!! If he's not all 3 then he's not taking you seriously... I stand on that belief hands down... If you don't call me on a regular basis to see how I'm doing... curious as to what's going on in my world your not interested and your number gets deleted out of my phone. I have no time to waste on a person who doesn't deserve my time....

I've had TOO MANY conversations with GOOD women that just get so frustrated with the men in their life b/c ratchets come a dime a dozen.... I've personally never had a man cheat on me but I understand my girls' situations... I know everyone's not perfect but men hold to much power in most instances.... I don't let it get that far to where a man could do in that that bad..I understand how a man's mind work... I will give only so much rope to hang yourself and then your number is deleted... I know my worth... If you don't show me you know it too then you're dismissed... Flat out... There are PLENTY OF OTHER FISH IN THE SEA that are patiently waiting... No bragging at all... Again I say "I SPEAK MY OWN TRUTH" ..I often use some of my girl's situations and my past ones to make myself stronger in my stance on why I'm single... AND will proudly profess it............... I currently date..... yes.... BUT FOR THE BENEFIT OF ME... no one else....

When I want to be bothered... that's just it... I'm bothered.... I don't feel the need to have to answer to any man about what I do, where I go... or who I hang with.... I come and go as I please and my life has been so much simpler and easier now that I have a different mindset....

I'm not looking for anything serious for the simple fact that men in 2009 exercise their right to date excessively... Why can't I.... In almost all aspects of my life I'm a human sponge... I soak up information that is valuable for me and my assent to greatness... why ignore this area... it makes no sense to me when some women ignore the benefits of being single just b/c they want some constant penis w/o being labeled a hoe.... I've heard so many women say shit like this it makes me sick... I'm not saying sex every man in the club but to get in a situation just b/c u want sex is ridiculous and I've known females like that... to need a man constantly and it really don't matter who he is characterwise is disgusting and embarrassing to me... If you're not sexing every man you hang with why not date a few ... Fuck that stereotype shit... I'm over it and I'm tired of having to worry about what other's think... You don't pay shit or take the classes or seek the major at Saint Louis University SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..... you have no say on my character or shit I do... flat out....

But back to the main topic....

I'm single b/c I've learned the art that men have passed along to their sons and grandsons.... The true singleness mindest is a mothaf*&^^ to have.... And it's's so empowering and intoxicating all at the same time.... To be able to answer whomever whenever you feel like it and having no remorse on sending someone straight to voicemail is too invigorating. I see why men do it... Now I know some may read this and think that "Oh my gosh.... she is missing out on so much"... but guess what babes... I did the relationship thing... for 3 years... it was both wonderful and horrible... I know what it's like.... I prefer this path at this point in life ... No I'm not bitter... I love a support relationships... But in my own situation I am very content and happy in this state... it allows me to concentrate in on me and mine....

Now the people I tagged are just people I feel would appreciate this... Nothing more or less... I tagged no one that this note is personally directed towards.... just some thoughts...
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