TGIHH @ JOSEPH'S & Ladies Night @ 609



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Friday the 13th Takes over Groove Theory Thursdays

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Exotic dancer set on fire outside LA bar

The Associated Press

LOS ANGELES -- An exotic dancer was set on fire outside the club where she worked early Thursday, burning more than 60 percent of her body, police said. They were searching for two suspects.

(Not actual photo)

A woman and a man called the 27-year-old dancer outside around 1 a.m. and then doused her with a flammable liquid next to the Babes & Beer sports club in the San Fernando Valley, police said. The dancer ran back inside and patrons came to her aid, police said.

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This combination of photos released by the Los Angeles Police Department shows attempted murder suspects Rianne Therialut-Odom, 27, left, and Nathaniel Petrillo, 22, who allegedly doused a female dancer with a flammable liquid and set her ablaze early Thursday, Feb. 5, 2009, in The Tarzana section of Los Angeles. The unidentified victim, a 27-year-old mother of two, was in grave condition after being burned over 60 percent of her body, Deputy Chief Michel Moore said. - AP Photo

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If you've been out to any B. Free dinner conversation events you're well aware of the variety of topics we discuss. This event will epitomize that same energy and incorporate great food, great company, and great conversations. Step out side of your normal Saturday clubbing routine and come sip on some wine, network and enjoy adult conversation.

Stay tuned for the B. Free Appreciation Party is coming soon to an event page near you!

Life's Short,

B. Free,
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SoulStage - House of Comedy - 02.04.2009

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Woman! Do you hear yourself??

Dear B. Free,

I'm not sure if you noticed the excessive amount of notes, bulletins, and email forwards going around the social networking scene as of late. One of the most popular has been the "25 Things" note. This is a note where you list 25 things about yourself that your friends may/may not know.

I've been "inspired" to create a list of "Lame A$$ excuses" that I am tired of hearing come out of womens mouths. The intent of this list is not to make the divide between genders grow nor to be ignorant. My goal here is to simulate some honest communication.

Mr. Incognito Jinkinz

1. “There are no good men around” [as she’s sitting there eating a meal I’ve cooked for her..and not microwave meal either]

2. I just want to be friends.. but can you cook dinner for me again.

3. You’re the type of man a woman dreams of, I just never thought I would meet a guy like you, and I’m not sure I’m ready

4. I get bored easily [talking as we’re, Ice skating, at the driving range, camping, at an art gallery, or any number of other creative and fun activities]

5. I didn’t have a good father figure in my life and so now I don’t know how to treat a good man.

6. I’m used to men treating me bad, so I don’t know how to handle you being nice to me.

7. My ex’s didn’t know to communicate, so I’m not used to you wanting to have a meaningful conversation with me.

8. I’m confused, meaning I’m still kind of dealing with my Ex who calls from time to time.

9.I’m not ready to give up my male friends because you’re all special to me.

10. There’s a whole world out there to discover. Too many men to date and too little time

11.I don’t think you’re ready for a woman like me

12. You pay too much attention to me and it scares me

13. I wish you would do something wrong (ex: cheat) so that I could have a reason for letting you go

14. I’m not ready to be in a relationship but I don’t want another woman to have you either.

15. I sabotage relationships, Im afraid of being hurt, I’m happy being single (whilst complaining bout not having a man)..

**Ladies & Gents, though these are stereotypical they do contain some truth. Lets please refrain from taking ourselves too seriously.**

Thoughts? Comments? Feedback? who's game to jump in w/ both feet!!!?
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Ladies Night Pictures @ Modai (01.30.2009)

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