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The Grimm Report CD reviews: June 5th - Herstory

June Fifth
Grimm Score: 3.5 out of 5

There's a lot of speculation on why a rap group would choose a name like “June 5th”. It’s pretty simple, really. It’s the anniversary date that these three beautiful young ladies came together. Tiffany Foxx, Brooke Holladay and Scar Ladon are the three main ingredients that make up the female group June Fifth. The trio, hailing from St. Louis, hits the mixtape scene hard with their latest 28 track project titled “Herstory”... Read More
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Leaving out "are" because you HAVE to ask it that way.

Seriously though. The seasons change and for some odd reason, the thirst some people are displaying are beyond desperate. It is.

It's time to stop that and appreciate yourself. There are some people where the only thing they want is a significant other. That is what they pray about at night. While I, in my own opinion, feel like that is one of the things you just fall back and let God handle without praying about......I digress. To each his own.

The one thing that seems different is that I have a lot more "internet" friends now. So, I see a lot more status updates and things that people say than usual. A lot of women are talking about how much they need or could go for some sex or how they are lusting after some guy they know or how badly they want to be with him. It's the internet, people are going to say and do whatever they want. Let me just say,there is a line between speaking about it every now and then and then speaking about it all day, every day. Guys too. Guys constantly displaying elementary school behavior; treating women like they have the cooties. Guys making women upset just to get noticed or get some attention. Fellas, cut that shit out. It's not cute or attractive and it makes you look like an asshole, regardless if you're doing this for our "social networking entertainment." No one is paying you to put on a show so just be yourself.

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2010′s Most Scent-sational Holiday Gifts

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Beautiful packaging. A recognizable luxury label. A gift that's highly personal. Something she'll use again and again. Fragrance is all of these, which makes it a great holiday gift idea. But choose carefully; While giving perfume or cologne as a present can be a very thoughtful, scent preference is very specific to each individual. A scent that is absolutely divine to one can be horribly offensive to another.

So to avoid a holiday hissy fit, scope out your recipient's perfume stash or inquire casually about what types of scents she likes before you go to the fragrance counter or beauty megastore. Take the time to do some investigating, then follow your nose to a great gift!


If she wears Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, she'll like: Dior Addict 2

Over over 200 fragrances are launched annually, but gems like Light Blue are enduring. And for good reason: Light Blue is a stunning fragrance that is a delight to both the woman who wears it and those around her. Want to gift her something familiar but with a fresh twist? Dior Addict 2 is similar to Light Blue in that it's a floral feminine scent with citrus, musk and wood notes; Light Blue's wood note being cedarwood and Addict 2's being sandalwood. Both are contagiously upbeat, joyful scents that are perfect for the vibrant woman who loves life. If Light Blue is a serene happiness, Addict 2 is slightly more free-spirited, bubbly, effervescent.

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The Grimm Report CD reviews: Ali - So St. Louis

So St. Louis
Grimm Score: 3 out of 5

Ali has been a pillar to his group the St. Lunatics and to the city of St. Louis since 1993. From releasing his own album “Heavy Starch” in 2002, to dropping a collaboration album with Big Gipp in 2007, to being featured on almost every Lunatics album in existence, the president of Derrty Entertainment is too bold and determined for anyone to deny. Ali’s new mixtape, “So St. Louis” looks to invigorate the streets of his hometown for the summertime. Be that as it may, the languid and slow flow rapper relapses with a depthless release that sounds somewhat similar to his first album... Read More
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Alien Warr The Drummer who showed out @ Jack Daniels Art beats & lyrics is coming back to STL for @CafesoulStl

Alien Warr from ATL, the hottest drummer STL has ever seen will be featured @ Cafe Soul 2010 finale show Dec 17 @ The Jazz Loft (3112 olive) along with me celebrating my 38th b-day! He was featured @ the Jack Daniels event a few weeks ago. He's phenomenal! We need your support spreading the word!



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Well, well, well's that time of the year when we add layers and stay warm!!! So how do we rock those over-the-knee boots and stay classy? What are some HOT nail colors to wear during this time of the year to keep up with your manicures and pedicures? We also got the latest in Men's Fashion and more blogs every week!

L.A.C.E is also getting out in the St. Louis community covering fashion, hair/makeup shows!! We're blogging it all just for YOU...FASHION/BEAUTY advice from L.A.C.E by Candera Walker. Click here to check out full article... Get ya fashion tips by visiting

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