Rules Of The Game

"Dating, Relationships, Marriages, hell even being single can be hard work. When issues come up in the dating Game (and yes it can be a game) a lot of time we don't know what to do. Tell us What would you do in these 'Rules Of The Game' Scenario's?

RULES SCENARIO #1: When should a woman begin contributing financially to romantic dates?
A) Only if she invites the other person out.
B) Anytime.
C) By the 3rd Date.
D) Never.

RULES SCENARIO #2: Your spouse/fiancee now hates clubbing, dancing, and random socializing in STL. The prefer to be a homebody, but you still love it! Do you:
A) Continue clubbing without them. This is who you are.
B) Endlessly coax them into coming out with you by bartering favors.
C) Hang it up. Stay home forever.

'RULES' SCENARIO #3: Ladies, you are ready to become intimate for the 1st time with your new beau. Do you:
A) Put it down on him, WWE-style: no holds barred! I got dat 'good-good'!
B) Hold back a little bit on the freakiness. Save some for later.
C) He ain't gettin' any til marriage. If he liked it he shoulda put a ring on it...

'RULES' SCENARIO #4: A random cutie contacts you on Facebook/Twitter and starts trying to HOLLA. You are intrigued. Do you:
A. Ignore the flirtations. You don't know them from a can o' paint!
B. Engage in a prolonged cyber-message courtship, possibly ending in meeting at some party.
C. get it cracking after a few messages. Set up a dinner-date and see what happens."

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