Nightclub Forced to Cancel Event Based on Race Or Was it Just Good Business??

I recieved a message in my inbox yesterday which told me to go and read a friend facebook status. His status stated, "Public Service Announcement: We have been in meetings with SLeek & Lumiere Casino for 3hrs fighting for Friday Night. So until further notice the event will be canceled... We would like to thank everyone for supporting "Soul Stylz" new location to be announced soon...if u have any questions feel free to call 314.497.3861"

there was 37 comments posted to this status and the more i read the more angry i became... here are some of the comments;

Cornell: at 3:43pm May 27
Yeah the Casino seem to think to many black faces are a bad look for the location

Comella: at 3:44pm May 27
R u serious Is that what they really said

Shaedi: at 3:45pm May 27 via Facebook Mobile
in their world,they're ABSOLUTELY right*

Jess; at 3:49pm May 27
New Casino, only fun downtown attraction...walk in ALL black people walkin around-scares off their crowd??? hmmm seems like they kinda got a point. BUT! I HAVENT HAD THAT MUCH FUN IN A WHILE LIKE I DID LAST FRIDAY! But 3 hour meeting...geesh!

Cornell: at 4:05pm May 27
yeah 3hrs, all about white and black events that are hosted in the casino.

I posted my facebook status and told everyone to go and ready cornells status and at 245am people were still posting comments
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