ST. LOUIS SHAME ON YOU --> Must read!!

by Kevin Jordan,

Let's get to it, all week Facebook, e-mails, the TV news, newspapers, city town hall meetings, and just general conversation have highlighted the hot button topic of clubs in Downtown St.Louis, that are in jeapordy of losing their liquor licencse's, or having to close all together, because they cater to black patrons, or allow black(hip-hop nights). Now, don't get offended but let me say this to all of my brothers and sisters running around town with signs screaming racism......... Shut the F up!!!! I read an untrue, but yet pointed article that kinda sums up what's going on, it talks about how the KKK had a meeting to disband because black folks are their own worst enemies, and they could never do to us, what we do to each other!!!

DAMN.............................. Does racism exist, of course, and particularly true in the St.Louis and the state of Missouri. Can we fix it, work on it, address it, and make race relations here better? Hell no!! Why might you ask, because we are to busy being our own worst enemy, so how then can you address problems associated with race, when you can't solve problems within your race!!??!! Now this isn't just an St.Louis problem, this problem is occuring all over the United States, so I laugh when I hear St.Louisian's say, "I'm moving to such and such city because of the violence", without doing anything to address the problem here, like it won't follow you, or be there waiting when you get to the next city!! Example....In 2010, a year that we are barely half way through 15,000 people have been murdered in California, 20 people were shot and killed in Chicago over a 3-day weekend, 10 people were shot in Indianapolis on a night during the Indiana Black Expo. These are just a few examples, but there are plenty more out there, just check your news sources, we live in the information age. So yes things are happening around the country, but to address it I have to start with the people in MY CITY-ST.LOUIS, MO!!

Now over the stretch of 2010, I have sent out Weekend Roundups that have begged of us as a people, to behave as grown, adult, classy, proud men and women when we step out in public, as well as being an example to our children. But today, in light of some of the things going on with the social scene downtown, st.charles, N.County, etc. and the responses to what's going, I realize that I can do no more than say SHAME ON YOU!!! I have included myself, but what we need to do is take stock in the part that we have played in the plight of our people, change it, and then I'll sit and listen to what folks have to say about race. If you think I'm just ranting, read the next paragraph, identify yourself, and then make a conscience effort to make a change!! F.Y.I. Many of us will identify with more than one of these persons, just remember to make a change and try not to be this person(s). Oh, and by all means forward this Weekend Roundup to anyone you feel needs to read it, no matter where they are. Shame on you for allowing your children to be your best friend instead of your child! Shame on for allowing that no good, uninspired, do nothing, abusive, bum ass, oxyen stealing, down low,trifling, uneducated, hater of life between your thighs! Shame on you for laying down between the thighs of that sneaky, do nothing ass, lazy anti-progressive, (sex for jewelry, money, cars, lottery ticket, clothes, bubble gum, status, or toothpaste), penius hopping, uninspired, uneducated carrier of future misery!! Shame on you, if you produce a baby with either of the two previous mentioned Soy's(Shame on You's)! Shame on you if you plan on having a child with either of the two previous mentioned Soy's! Shame on you if you can't drink and think, but you still drink! Shame on you if you walk around your young kids in the buff, bra's, panties, underwear, or shirtless! Shame on you if kissing on different men and women around your young children, or being sexual with another adult around your children!!! Shame on you if you party with some no good MOFO's, and bring them to classy establishments so they can fuck up everybody's else's night! Shame on you for letting your kids see you do all the things you tell them not to do (drink, smoke, drugs, sex, cursing, ect.)!! Shame on you for letting anything in your club, bar, or establishment, just to make and extra buck, when you know that it's a threat to the environment, and well-being, and safety of your establishment!!!! Shame on you for allowing your kids to watch B.E.T., videos, Myspace, Facebook, Internet surfing, or play video games all damn day, everyday, instead of doing their homework, and getting involved in some school project(sports, theatre, band, dance, book club, whatever!!), or outside activities that increase their mind food!!! Shame on you for sitting outside the club, that you didn't have the deciency to put clothes on for, or spend money in, and screwing everybody who did, causing them to have a terrible night, instead of an enjoyable one!! Shame on you for playing the race card, when race didn't have anything to do with why your club is on the list for a revoked liquor licencse, or closure outside of the fact that it involved some black on black crime!! Shame on you for not finding a more worthwhile cause to fight, while soaking up all this news time on tv, the internet, the newspaper, and the Weekend Roundup!!! Shame on you, for not marching when they shut down the Bi-State bus lines, shut down and boarded public schools, ect., all while you down there marching for some clubs!!! Shame on you, me, and everyone in the community that has not stepped up to do somthing to make our community better without shifting blame!!! Shame on you if you don't have something to be ashamed about!!! I don't have to tell you, I can go on forever with this tirade, hell you can add your on "Shame on you" to the list. My point with this, was to show that there are way more things going on in our communities, that collectively projects a bad image of us on a whole. Play your part, fix what you can, and then lets come together and we can talk about the race card, but until then put it in your pipe and smoke it!!! Enjoy your weekend, and try to make it safe, enjoyable, and fun!!
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