The Grimm Report CD reviews: Nite Owl - Leftover's Vol. 06 "The Last Supper"

Nite Owl

Leftover's Vol. 06 "The Last Supper"

Grimm Score: 3.5 out of 5

There are very few backpack rappers and public figures in this economic doughnut hole we call St. Louis that can really fit the bill when it comes to “golden age” hip hop; The FuFops, DJ Needles, B gyrL, DJ Kaos aka Kriss Kringle, Screwz & Scripts, 8thLetter, Rockwell Knuckles and Black Spade just to name a few. This list is a little lengthy but out of all of the rappers in this city the percentage is still small. That’s just stating actual fact. Within that list we have an emcee that’s been in the game for 15+ years. He goes by the name Nite Owl, or Nitroowlious, or just NiTRO for short. He just released his 6th volume of the Leftovers chronicles during the holiday season greatly titled “The Last Supper”. This album features production from Kenautis Smith Sr., Instrumental, Stoney Rock, J-Soul, Wyshmaster and more... Read More

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Pumpkin Pie, Men and Sexual Arousal

Yesterday, a friend sent me a link to an article published on about a study involving men and scents.

Men and scents. Hmmm. We buy perfumes, body lotions and butters to not only smell good, but to keep our boyfriend or hubby in the nook of our necks, his hands in our hair and his kisses on our hands and arms, and every place else, hehe. I've recently started using heavier fragrances in my butters for more of a lasting smell. Early on, I used light scents that would fade after application. I loved the way the pumpkin pie fragrance smelled. It wasn't overpowering and it lasts. So, a customer of mine recently said to me that men have been clamoring over her since she's been using my Pumpkin Pie Butter. Men love the smell. They want to know what it is, and then they ask her for her number! After this, I figured, hey, I have a new marketing angle! It wasn't until I received this link to the article yesterday that I really believe that Pumpkin Pie Butter should be a must-have in every woman's "arsenal."

In the article, "What Turns Men On? The Smell of Pumpkin Pie, Researchers Say" a study was being conducted initially on patients who have lost their sense of smell due to head trauma. This study from the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation out of Chicago has found that the scent of Pumpkin Pie with a bit of lavender mixed in, increased sexual arousal faster in men than any other perfume on the market.

In the study, Dr. Alan Hirsch, measured penile blood flow and food scents topped the list over the more floral scents from perfume in regards to sexual arousal. He states that men who lose their sense of scent due to head trauma also lose their sexual arousal. I'm thinking that the high notes of cinnamon may have something to do with them gaining a bit of their sexual arousal back, but I may be wrong, just my theory.  The Dr. and his colleagues are trying to figure out, "Why pumpkin pie?" They are suggesting because it reminds men of their childhood or old girlfriends maybe. My guess is that it reminds them of a good and happy place. Pumpkin pie is made during holidays and holidays are mostly fun for us all. So, just how your favorite toy from childhood brings you a feeling of happiness, I would guess that the smell of pumpkin pie would do the same. So, Dr. Hirsch states that, "Maybe the scent induces men to be more relaxed." Oh, and if older men are your type, try vanilla scented perfumes and body lotions, the demographic for this is 60+ so if you're looking for a hefty life insurance policy... that may be the scent for you. Rarrr!

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The Grimm Report CD reviews: Murphy Lee - Lost Tapes

Murphy Lee
Lost Tapes
Grimm Score 4 out of 5

St. Lunatics member and UCME Entertainment CEO Murphy Lee is the most accomplished artist from his camp next to fellow rapper Nelly Mo. Providing the St. Louis music scene with hit after hit throughout the years, Murph dropped two studio albums, while making guest appearances on an ample amount of songs with other supreme recording artists such as Young Dro, Kanye West, Sleepy Brown, Jermaine Dupri, Beanie Sigel and many more. Murphy Lee also hosts a vegetarian cooking show online with Kyjuan called “Good 4 U”. Now that the Derrty Ent/UCME M.C. is independent, he has a new mixtape called “Lost Tapes” that was put out around the release of Nelly’s “5.0” album. “Lost Tapes” features past and present songs that were made and never released during Murphy Lee’s time with Universal Records... Read More
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Dear St. Louis

Why have you Bred such nasty ass females!!! why do they hate!!! why don't they mind their own business!!!!!OHHH and the Dudes..... ST LOUIS! why do the dudes talk like females!!!!!!!!! fuckin bitches..

why don't they think that others don't know their business.????????? ohh fuckers i know..... i just don't gossip!! but don't tempt me :) it'll be Maury in this bitch.. a fuckin tv show on HBO. ok..
St.Louis, I love that you always seem to remind me why i dumped your ass in the first place.. for something bigger, and better!!!! I swear the other ones don't act this way!!

i think my ex boyfriend Chicago is calling me..and I think i might talk to Los Angeles, he's talking about a 1 way ticket..
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