UnderWorld 3 "Rise of the Lycans" Movie Night Tonight!!!

The new Underworld movie, Underworld 3 "Rise of the Lycans" comes out tonight. I've worked out a deal with the Galleria 6 where we can go screen this movie.

Tickets are only $6 for the 940pm show!!!

Offical Movie website

Here's what to do:

1. RSVP by emailing Teddy at with the names and emails of you and your guest.

2. Be at the theater @ 9:25 so we can line up, do a head count, and purchase our tickets

We are buying the tix from the box office but you have to be w/ the group to get the $6 tickets so please be on time.

Life's Short,

B. Free,
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Alone in the Crowd (Super iLL Blogspot)

While I was "BlogHopping" today I came across this slice of reality pie, go ahead and eat this,

Folks in the industry say you should always "put on face" and never give your real self to the masses. I dont feel that is cool. But at the same time I understand them. I feel like you need to have a happy medium. Be real with the folks, but dont give them'll have nothing left.

So with that being said, I know shits been a lil sparse round these parts as far as updates go. Thats my fault. But thats the beauty of what I do here at the cant EVER say I dont keep it one with yall.

Anyhow, I dont know if folks can sense the greatness, or whatever that is coming up...clearly its some shit I dont see. But you ever felt like you were just surrounded by complete utter fakeness

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How The Hell Do You Have Room To Talk!

Dear B. Free,

You ever notice the frequency of status changes on all these social networking sites (myspace, facebook, etc;)? I was just thinking about how some people (some i know personally and some i "know of") talk a great status game, they talk the talk but seldom walk the walk.

They sit on their podium of righteousness and discuss all things from near and far. Talking about others and never taking the time to analyze there own situation. This is especially odd, when they're in the group of jobless losers that are dead beat babydaddies/babymomma's themselves... Just because you throw parties, attempt to rap, model/act or whatever. That doesn't make you no different from the rest of the men/women that doesn't take care of home and don't own they're own ish.. Its sickening I just shakes my head...

When is the next discussion panel? I have somethings that you should put out there.. I'm Sorry, I keeps it real, Not in the commercialized sense of the phrase but in that brutally honest, high expectations understanding my position and self-worth kinda way!

Mrs. Imma Irritated,

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It goes down tonight (start time 6pm). The 1st ever B. Free Hump Day Happy Hour. $2 Bud & Bud Selects! $3 well Drinks! annnnnd yours truely taking Paparazzi Pix all happy hour.

Click Here for details

Even though happy hours isnt really a B. Free speciality I figured it would be a great way to say thank you for all your support.
Teddy B,

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