Sooo, I have been talking to this guy since almost a year. He is from out of town and is mad cool. He is such a gentleman, the sweetest person ever met and he truly cares for me.I honestly believe he wants the best for me.

I enjoy talking to him and he makes me laugh and whatnot. However, there is one thing missing. You know, (well you may not; "Bow Chica Bow Wannnn)in the beginning of a relationship all you want to do is talk to that person (even though I'm not much of a phone talker) and all you can do is think about that person. Like that's a feeling you are supposed to get when something is new.

Well, I felt that for maybe the first two weeks of this little thing, but I feel it NO MORE. AND.... and on top of that I have ABSOLUTELY no desire to do anything sexual with him... AT ALL. Not to say he is not a handsome guy, but I just don't feel that way about him. I feel bad because everybody wants me to be with him andI just don't feel it..its just not there. And my fam is really feeling him from all of the good things he has done for me. I'm so confused about it all and don't know what to do. Should I say how I feel about him now?... or...wait for awhile and see if these feelings for him sprout up out of the ground? The only thing is its almost a catch 22...either i tell him now and possibly hurt his feelings or wait til later and hurt his feelings even more.

What should I do...? I guess I'm just thinking about if another guy that's truly a good guy and cares about me is ever gonna come around again. Go easy on's hard for me to express my feelings and this whole email is a bit much for Me

Ms Catch 22,

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TANK said...

wut no comments?! what gives? i've taken a vacation in the friendzone b4!! what i suggest is that u tell dude str8 up. he'll respect you more for being truthful. and if he's as great as a guy as u say he his he'll be aight! but dont get jealous when some other LUCKY LADY scoops him up lol

DJ DIVA said...

I agree with Tank, let him know what's up. That you aint feeling it and who knows ? He might just step his game up and give you what you need. Or worst case, you guys remain friends and you find what really makes you happy in someone else. If he doesn't make you happy then while spending time with him you could be missing an opportunity to find that person who does make you happy. Either way, don't string him along you wouldn't want someone to do that to you.

Anonymous said...

If you care for him, you will do whats best for him long term, even though it may hurt his feelings in the short term. If he is a great guy the right woman will come along for him, and a great guy will come along for you. Just make sure you arent in the pattern of getting rid of good ones and only being turned on by bad ones. If so, then thats another issue you will need to address.

Anonymous said...


Everyone is giving you the politically correct answers and when its all over and done you're still going to do whatever the hell you want anyway.

My advice is do what you want, Pimp out, Whore out, Couple up, or sentence that cat in the friendship zone...

Its all a part of that big ass school called "life" any path you take will yield a lession to be learned.


Anonymous said...

Give him my number, I need a good man.

Anonymous said...

You should definitely let him know what's up as soon as possible. There will be hurt feelings either way, because it's already been too long (just my opinion) but we all must live and learn. A person should always be given the information to decide for themselves...maybe he'll continue to hang around and hope for the best but maybe he'll get on with his life and be open to meeting someone who will truly want to be with him.