Woman! Do you hear yourself??

Dear B. Free,

I'm not sure if you noticed the excessive amount of notes, bulletins, and email forwards going around the social networking scene as of late. One of the most popular has been the "25 Things" note. This is a note where you list 25 things about yourself that your friends may/may not know.

I've been "inspired" to create a list of "Lame A$$ excuses" that I am tired of hearing come out of womens mouths. The intent of this list is not to make the divide between genders grow nor to be ignorant. My goal here is to simulate some honest communication.

Mr. Incognito Jinkinz

1. “There are no good men around” [as she’s sitting there eating a meal I’ve cooked for her..and not microwave meal either]

2. I just want to be friends.. but can you cook dinner for me again.

3. You’re the type of man a woman dreams of, I just never thought I would meet a guy like you, and I’m not sure I’m ready

4. I get bored easily [talking as we’re, Ice skating, at the driving range, camping, at an art gallery, or any number of other creative and fun activities]

5. I didn’t have a good father figure in my life and so now I don’t know how to treat a good man.

6. I’m used to men treating me bad, so I don’t know how to handle you being nice to me.

7. My ex’s didn’t know to communicate, so I’m not used to you wanting to have a meaningful conversation with me.

8. I’m confused, meaning I’m still kind of dealing with my Ex who calls from time to time.

9.I’m not ready to give up my male friends because you’re all special to me.

10. There’s a whole world out there to discover. Too many men to date and too little time

11.I don’t think you’re ready for a woman like me

12. You pay too much attention to me and it scares me

13. I wish you would do something wrong (ex: cheat) so that I could have a reason for letting you go

14. I’m not ready to be in a relationship but I don’t want another woman to have you either.

15. I sabotage relationships, Im afraid of being hurt, I’m happy being single (whilst complaining bout not having a man)..

**Ladies & Gents, though these are stereotypical they do contain some truth. Lets please refrain from taking ourselves too seriously.**

Thoughts? Comments? Feedback? who's game to jump in w/ both feet!!!?

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Alexia A said...

LOL I don't what to say, other than where meet these women. They obviously have some things to work for themselves, meaning you need to leave them alone till they figure themselves out. These some of the most stupid comments I've ever heard. I think I've let maybe 1 or 2 of these slip out in my lifetime, and I was like 19yr and I was so playing with that person and not serious about them.
Maybe its just me, I'm not a beat around the bush or indecisive type of person, so all of it just sounds stupid to me.

Alexia A said...

Also lets not forget some men let these same stupid comments slip out their mouth as well. ;)

Analyst said...

While it would be easy to jump on the wagon and run with this, I too have found these words coming out of my mouth. Not all of them, but one or too. People sometimes get so caught up in themselves and looking in the future that we don't even see that the thing we are looking for most is sitting infront of us. I said it...

Society has impainted that perfect image of how we should be based on our experiences from the past that we don't even know how to respond when a real person comes into our lyfe. (Personal experience, which is none of ur bizniz)
I first got caught up in this blog for other reasons, but I have learnt so much about how SOME women think, in this few week. Women, hear this... There are good men out here and we do listen... And alot of the time what we hear is you fussing about what you don't have and what you want, and not realizing what you already have.

Story: Growing up my father never gave me praises ( no matter how well I did in what I did.. But everyone on the street would know of my accomplishments without me telling. They would say your dad been walking around with your report card for the entire summer, bragging. All I ever heard was fussing from him.

My point is, take time to look around and give thanks for what you have before you. And it is ok to say "I dont know what I want at this time..." Its better than to feed a line that is so transparent that you don't even you dont believe it yourself...

I am Nikkie, and I am just saying....

Viv said...

To the author...all of those are excuses!!! I like to think of them as warning signs informing you that the person is not looking for what you are. Many women use that excuse, I've been dogged out before..well who hasn't!! I have and I'm still optimistic. You can't take all the bad that's been done to you and put it on every man you meet. It's just NOT fair!!

I know a lot of women who have good men but use a few of the mentioned excuses. It's ashame when we cripple ourselves or allow past relationships to cripple us. I hope you find a woman who isn't tainted to the degree of no return.

Oh yeah..Amen to Alexia and Nicky..I like what you said about you hear women's true and thanks for acknowledging that it's not just a woman or a man issue when it comes to's really an individual issue.

Chellesz4ShoRT said...

This was an awesome post, I too have heard myself saying a majority of these lines.....only to get that Other half AWAY from me*

It only meant I had no interest.

Analyst said...

I like the feedback as I am using this info to do inventory on myself...
Nuts: check
Honesty: Check
Woman: hold up, still working on that one..

ladyj said...

Viv, I agree with you. Who is this room has been dogged? **Jen raising her hand emphatically** But just because one relationship failed doesn't mean the next will. Optimism goes a long way...sometimes it takes some time to get back to that point, but it's important to get that optimism back. Yeah, we all have some excuse or another...but we really need to take time to figure out what is the root of the problem and be real with ourselves and others.