Rules Of The Game

"Dating, Relationships, Marriages, hell even being single can be hard work. When issues come up in the dating Game (and yes it can be a game) a lot of time we don't know what to do. Tell us What would you do in these 'Rules Of The Game' Scenario's?

RULES SCENARIO #1: When should a woman begin contributing financially to romantic dates?
A) Only if she invites the other person out.
B) Anytime.
C) By the 3rd Date.
D) Never.

RULES SCENARIO #2: Your spouse/fiancee now hates clubbing, dancing, and random socializing in STL. The prefer to be a homebody, but you still love it! Do you:
A) Continue clubbing without them. This is who you are.
B) Endlessly coax them into coming out with you by bartering favors.
C) Hang it up. Stay home forever.

'RULES' SCENARIO #3: Ladies, you are ready to become intimate for the 1st time with your new beau. Do you:
A) Put it down on him, WWE-style: no holds barred! I got dat 'good-good'!
B) Hold back a little bit on the freakiness. Save some for later.
C) He ain't gettin' any til marriage. If he liked it he shoulda put a ring on it...

'RULES' SCENARIO #4: A random cutie contacts you on Facebook/Twitter and starts trying to HOLLA. You are intrigued. Do you:
A. Ignore the flirtations. You don't know them from a can o' paint!
B. Engage in a prolonged cyber-message courtship, possibly ending in meeting at some party.
C. get it cracking after a few messages. Set up a dinner-date and see what happens."

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Shaedi Michele said...


In summary, I feel you should be yourself in any situation. U never know, you may have just found your hubby or wifey on the internet. How's it different once you meet them? They are just as strange to you as to meeting them out. You dont know the person right away just because you met them in person. If you met them in the club, they are going to have to deal w/ur lifestyle or let it go. The knew what they were getting into.Y would n e one want boring sex just to make them seem like they arent that freaky? He may cancel you as boring and wack...

Shaedi Michele