“Can’t pay for your house? The bank takes it. Can’t pay for your car? The bank takes it. Can’t pay for your liver? Well, that’s where I come in."

The movie is set in the future (near future) and people no longer have to wait on a transplant list to obtain organs because science has created artificial organs. A company called The Union sells the organs, the way that McDonald's sells you a double Cheeseburger, except the chesseburger would be the price of a Ferrari. If payments are made late or not made at all, The Union sends repo men to collect the organs, by any means possible. LITERALLY.

After a repo-gone-wrong, Remy (Jude Law), ends up with an artificial heart and no longer has the ‘heart’ to slice people open. Remy’s best friend Jake (Forrest Whitaker) thinks he’s just in a slump and will get back on his feet in no time, but that’s not the case, and Remy falls behind on his payments and has a new found respect for people he has to repo.

The film is an edge-of-your-seat thrill ride and even has some humorous moments. It is also graphic and has plenty of blood and gore to boot, so if you have a queasy stomach, I would advise skipping this film (perhaps see The Bounty Hunter instead. LOL). Theres even a twist that you cant see coming!

In simple terms THIS MOVIE ROCKS! (ONE OF THE BEST OF 2010 SO FAR...)
4.5 out of 5 Stars


"ONE OF THE BEST OF 2010" is she on crack????? It was cool, but i wouldn't go that far!

It started off pretty cool, then about 15 to 20 minutes into the movie just seemed to stall out. I found myself wanting to drift off, it only lasted for about 5 minutes then it was back to the action!!!

The plot was cool, there were some interesting plot twist that pop up [i won't spoil it] and some very oddly placed sexual scenes but all in all it was a very entertaining flick.

I give it 3 out of 5 wacka flocka flames (stars)


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Analyst said...

I did like this movie as it had a crazy twist to it. I plan to go back to see this again. It is has the same spark then I want it for my collection when it comes out on DVD.