The Grimm Report CD reviews: Potzee - STL Patriot

STL Patriot
Grimm Score 4.5 out of 5

“Born and raised in U. City but got grown in J-Town…” a memorable quote from Quor 03 member and UCME Entertainment recording artist Potzee. This hongree rapper has a catalog of music longer than the only checkout line open at Aldi on a Saturday morning. Potzee aka Potz Spifwell has been making tasteful songs like “Good Evening” and “Dat Girl” for years and they are classic favorites. He even filmed an excellent music video co-starring the entire city of St. Louis damn near for “Dat Girl”. Now Potzee has teamed up with Swagga Magazine to present the colors of the “STL Patriot” mixtape... Read More

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