Alone in the Crowd (Super iLL Blogspot)

While I was "BlogHopping" today I came across this slice of reality pie, go ahead and eat this,

Folks in the industry say you should always "put on face" and never give your real self to the masses. I dont feel that is cool. But at the same time I understand them. I feel like you need to have a happy medium. Be real with the folks, but dont give them'll have nothing left.

So with that being said, I know shits been a lil sparse round these parts as far as updates go. Thats my fault. But thats the beauty of what I do here at the cant EVER say I dont keep it one with yall.

Anyhow, I dont know if folks can sense the greatness, or whatever that is coming up...clearly its some shit I dont see. But you ever felt like you were just surrounded by complete utter fakeness

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