How The Hell Do You Have Room To Talk!

Dear B. Free,

You ever notice the frequency of status changes on all these social networking sites (myspace, facebook, etc;)? I was just thinking about how some people (some i know personally and some i "know of") talk a great status game, they talk the talk but seldom walk the walk.

They sit on their podium of righteousness and discuss all things from near and far. Talking about others and never taking the time to analyze there own situation. This is especially odd, when they're in the group of jobless losers that are dead beat babydaddies/babymomma's themselves... Just because you throw parties, attempt to rap, model/act or whatever. That doesn't make you no different from the rest of the men/women that doesn't take care of home and don't own they're own ish.. Its sickening I just shakes my head...

When is the next discussion panel? I have somethings that you should put out there.. I'm Sorry, I keeps it real, Not in the commercialized sense of the phrase but in that brutally honest, high expectations understanding my position and self-worth kinda way!

Mrs. Imma Irritated,

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MEMO said...

Damn! After reading that pill it shouldnt be too hard to swallow. Do something people, but get it in motion and cut back the talking. I agree and have been a victim of great/not so great ideas and have'nt put it in gear. Surround yourself with movers and shakers and your on your way. Parents keep parenting, I don't have any kids but I still embrace the idea, because if I can correct your child I will. Not enough Grown folks talk to the youth....Remember it takes a village to raise a child.


Mr. Office Glue

Viv said...

I have had this convo with too many of my MEN friends!! Us women are emotional by law. If we meet a man and he tells us that he isn't looking for a relationship but proceeds to treat us like we are in a relationship, we get all "dazed and confused". That's where the problem comes in. The guy can genuinely like to spend time with us and since he's not a bum, he will genuinely treat us well. But we began to interpret that as "I think he's starting to really dig me on "that" level". Distinguishing between actual words and actual feelings can be hard for the average woman. We live most of our lives with our hearts and allow the feelings lead us sometimes down dangerous roads. That's just my two cents, take it or leave it.

EDH4 said...
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EDH4 said...

" Just because you throw parties, attempt to rap, model/act or whatever."

Whew...sounds like somebody been burned at the door a couple of times. LOL.

I think people should feel free to comment on what they want to. So I don't agree that people shouldn't say whats on their hearts and minds. Is this not b-FREE-paparazzi?

On the flip side - if you feeling froggy - jump. Meaning that if you feel someone is out of line or a poser faking the funk - call them out on that ish. That's the only way you will stop it.

Hiding behind pseudo-names in the blogosphere is kind of like the tea-pot calling the kettle black - you feel me?