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Did you kno that October is National Caramel Month?

For all you grown and sexy fall enthusiast, I have a lil something that you may appreciate.. Since we are on the vurge of "National Caramel Month" (who comes up w/ this stuff.... friggin commercial observations of ishhh that's released annually) I've found the perfect wine for caramel.

Stone Hill winery (Herman, Mo) makes a wine called "Cream Sherry".. according to their website, Cream Sherry is, "fortified with grape brandy, slowly bake it and then barrel age it for three to five years." They claim that this results in a rich, nutty, caramelized flavor with a beautiful golden color, ideally suited to autumnal indulgences. I don't know about you but that sounded erotic as hell. **lights some candles and calls over that special someone!

Cream Sherry is perfect accompaniment to cookies, pastries and cakes, and especially caramel or chocolate desserts with nuts.

Facts and Stats:

TECHNICAL INFO: Harvested late-September; Alcohol - 19%; Residual Sugar - 9%
TASTING INFO: It possesses the rich, nutty flavor and aroma characteristic of traditional sherry. Great for after dinner by itself or as the perfect accompaniment to caramel or chocolate.

Look for it in ya local grocery spot...

Suggested retail price: $15.99 (500 ml)

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Anonymous said...

This is amazing wine!