Is Reading "Nine Little Black Dresses for your Holiday Parties"

It's Christmas time in the city, the parties are happening in every cornerpocket of your local metropolis! Your job? To be a FASHIONIZER.Make no mistake about it, though the holiday spirit prevails, it's backdrop will be an unofficial fashion show coming to a Christmas or NYE party near you. This is the perfect season and occasions to showcase your trusted friend "The Little Black Dress" as it promises to invoke sounds such as "oohh" and "ahhhh" from the mouths of onlookers. In this post, the LBD(Little Black Dress) steps outside of its box and embraces trend. A traditional LBD should be wearable for years and many occasions but this season I'm aiming to motivate you towards the more risque. Below you will find a variety of Ready to Wear, on trend options for the High End Shopper as well as the Budget Savvy Buyer. As much as we love our LBD's, the right accessories can determine just how deeply we can make OTHERS fall in love. Want to know how to accessorize your LBD? Checkout What to Wear With your Little Black Dress .
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