Groupies: The Discussion Continues...

The Background: I was conducting a status experiement titled, " No, I dont't have groupies!! What are the requirements for one to earn a groupie following." After entertaining a fewer responses I recieved this via email....

Mr. B. Free,

Allow me to reintroduce mahself to you.. I am Ms. N. thats done...i am totally empathizing with you and your situation...accept it as "positive"'s not you at all..its us women...apparently, you are pertubed by your are alot of men who would LOVE to be in your

Seriously...i think that youre feeling a lil off balance..but on the contrary...the women on facebook (myself, you...and you need them...your personality seems to be that of one who appreciates and admires sistsas...regardless of shape or a result...the women gravitate to the attention (that is just "natural" to you) that you give like the energy..and you're dont wanna bang 'em out...just "break bread"...but a lot of sistas who are experiencing emotional dysfunction and are in your space..are misinterpreting that "attention" as: "oh yeah, he tryna be wit me"..or.."oh yeah, he tryna fuck"...and the more you reject them..the more desperate their acts of conquering "B. Free" and/or "B. Free's Penis" there main goal..let me know if i'm way off base luv...1

Hmmmmm, is she really off base? Do both sexes experiences this? What are your thought?

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Beau Shelby said...

No, not at all.
Suffice it to say I'm known 2 be the
consummate 'social butterfly' as it goes and I have experienced the same thing many times.
Without fail, somewhere up the line, somebody's nose is bent out of shape about the fact that I talked to them,listened to them,bought them drinks, even played with them on the mic during a song or two.
But that does NOT mean that I was DEFINITELY tryna get in that particular poo-na-na by doing so.
On the contrary, the one I'm tryna get is usually on some way more stealth level about it and has found numerous ways to let me know
it's all a matter of waiting for the right moment.
I concur, we rendezvous and it's ON!! LOL