Serial Monogomy vs Whorish Relations

Hola Paparazzi People,

Thanks for tuning in. I stole the phrase "Serial Monogomy" from a friend of mine. He used it to describe the fact that one of our mutual friends is either in single homebody mode or he's in a relationship dating hard core on the verge of looking like he's married. Seeing as our mutual friend lands these rock solid relationships that last for a while, we coined him a serial monogomist.

However, in this article the phrase as i'm choosing to refers to people who hop from relationship to relationship and commit sexual acts right off the bat and just because they're are in a "relationship" this is considered (by many) to be ok. If you disagree by all means comment on it, but know you know someone or known someone who's doing it and you know someone who's thinks its ok to do. (add up ya someones and mulitply it by the population of your city and see what you get)

On the other you have folks who do the same type of risque behavior but because they don't claim the "relationship" they are talked about in harsher manner. It almost seems as if the illusion of beingin a relationship trumphs being honest about what you are and what you do.

Personally, i've lived and witnessed people who operated on both sides of this equation and will take that stance as devils advocate. What do you think people, does having the title give you the moral high ground or will over all logic dictate you think differently...

(Submitted by me, 2009)

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Anonymous said...

Hola,BFP- Interesting topic and perspective. My thoughts? I'm newly single. I had been married to my high-school love for 18 years. We are finalizing our divorce at the end of this month. I enjoy sex; but, I wasn't interested in jumping into the dating scene. The dating scene found me. I'm naturally monogamous. I find my sexuality at its most intense when i am in a monogamous relationship. I respect everyone's choice to do what makes them happy. I think that the most important thing is being honest with your "monogamous" partner or your multiple partners. Just let them know what you want and what you'd like in return. If both of you agree that neither of you can promise EXCLUSIVITY, then you can decide, from there, how sexual you will be with that person. Its each person's personal business; but, your sex partners have a right to know of your level of committment and/or your desired level of committment from them.

Anonymous said...

BFP - very interesting topic. I think that we are so focused on being friends and what that means that we forgot abt the sex part. I don't think that you should have to have the title to do you and what you want to do with your partner. However, I do agree with your first anonymous speaker, be honest with that once person or all of them persons you are sleeping with.