The Grimm Report CD reviews: Murphy Lee - Lost Tapes

Murphy Lee
Lost Tapes
Grimm Score 4 out of 5

St. Lunatics member and UCME Entertainment CEO Murphy Lee is the most accomplished artist from his camp next to fellow rapper Nelly Mo. Providing the St. Louis music scene with hit after hit throughout the years, Murph dropped two studio albums, while making guest appearances on an ample amount of songs with other supreme recording artists such as Young Dro, Kanye West, Sleepy Brown, Jermaine Dupri, Beanie Sigel and many more. Murphy Lee also hosts a vegetarian cooking show online with Kyjuan called “Good 4 U”. Now that the Derrty Ent/UCME M.C. is independent, he has a new mixtape called “Lost Tapes” that was put out around the release of Nelly’s “5.0” album. “Lost Tapes” features past and present songs that were made and never released during Murphy Lee’s time with Universal Records... Read More

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