The Grimm Report CD reviews: Nite Owl - Leftover's Vol. 06 "The Last Supper"

Nite Owl

Leftover's Vol. 06 "The Last Supper"

Grimm Score: 3.5 out of 5

There are very few backpack rappers and public figures in this economic doughnut hole we call St. Louis that can really fit the bill when it comes to “golden age” hip hop; The FuFops, DJ Needles, B gyrL, DJ Kaos aka Kriss Kringle, Screwz & Scripts, 8thLetter, Rockwell Knuckles and Black Spade just to name a few. This list is a little lengthy but out of all of the rappers in this city the percentage is still small. That’s just stating actual fact. Within that list we have an emcee that’s been in the game for 15+ years. He goes by the name Nite Owl, or Nitroowlious, or just NiTRO for short. He just released his 6th volume of the Leftovers chronicles during the holiday season greatly titled “The Last Supper”. This album features production from Kenautis Smith Sr., Instrumental, Stoney Rock, J-Soul, Wyshmaster and more... Read More

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